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Northern Utility Services

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Frozen pipes are often a problem in Alaska, but Northern Utility Services has developed methods for thawing almost any water line. Our team of water professionals knows the inconvenience of frozen pipes. We have the tools and experience to thaw your frozen pipe safely and easily.

Frozen Pipes

Metal or Plastic – We Can Thaw It

water jet thawing
A water jet is inserted into the pipe and sprays the inside of the pipe with hot water to thaw the ice blockage.

The most common method for thawing copper or steel lines is using a high amperage power source to heat the pipe. However, this method only works on metal piping. Many homes are now plumbed with plastics that cannot be thawed by conventional methods. To ensure that we can serve any customer in any situation, Northern Utility Services has developed a hot water jet capable of thawing most water lines quickly and easily. This method works on both metal and plastic pipes.