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Well Testing & Inspections

If you are selling your home and need the well water tested, or simply want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have clean water, our knowledgeable and certified operators can take any water samples you may need. Well & pressure tank inspections are also an important part of keeping your water clean and your well pump running correctly.


Independent and Efficient

Our state certified water operators will take your samples precisely and quickly, and our partnership with ARS Aleut Analytical means that we can have results in as little as 36 hours*.



NUS has over 15 years of experience in water compliance and monitoring. Water is our passion, and we will use that passion to serve you.



Water Testing Packages


Independent Water Sampling

We regularly manage water compliance for over 60 public water systems serving over 13,000 people.

Well Safe Package

If you are selling your home in the Municipality of Anchorage, or have buyers using a VA or FHA loan to purchase your home, this is the test package for you. To prove that your water is safe, we test for the three most common and dangerous water contaminants: Arsenic, Nitrates, and Bacteria.


If you have never had your water well tested before or if your well hasn’t been tested in many years, we suggest that you start by getting this package. It is a good idea to know what the general levels of Arsenic and Nitrate are in your water. Usually the amount of Arsenic will not change, however Nitrate levels can fluctuate seasonally and these varying levels are usually attributed to nearby septic systems. If your well water has a Nitrate value over 5.0 Mg/L (milligrams per litre) we would suggest getting a nitrate sample on a yearly basis at minimum, and preferably every 6 months.


Coliform Bacteria Testing

Coliform bacteria can indicate that there are other harmful bacteria in your water. We recommend that anyone with a private well have their water tested for coliform bacteria once a year at minimum, as bacteria are the single biggest health risk related to your drinking water.


Most public water systems are required to take a coliform bacteria sample at least once a quarter. For a private well, as long as you are sure that your wellhead is secure and in good condition, we recommend getting a coliform sample twice a year to ensure that no outside contamination is getting into your water well.


Other Water Testing

We offer testing services for all major water contaminants, including Bacteria, Arsenic, Nitrates, Lead, Copper, Volatile Organic Compounds, Iron, Hardness, Chlorine, Fluoride, and many more.





Well & Pressure Tank Inspections


Water Well Inspection

wellhead inspection

This wellhead has a proper sanitary cap and conduit properly attached.

Your water well is your source of safe, potable, drinking water. It is important that the wellhead (Right Picture) is inspected on a regular basis to ensure that no external contaminants can get into your drinking water supply. If the wellhead is not properly secured, it can be very easy for the well to become contaminated with anything ranging from fertilizer to dead rodents.


Northern Utility Services routinely maintains over 100 wells serving over 13,000 people and have yet to have a positive fecal coliform event.


Pressure Tank Inspection

Every home with a private well should have a pressure tank. This pressure tank acts as a buffer in the water system, allowing the pump to cycle much less often (much less wear on the pump) and helps keeps the water pressure in the home consistent. The pressure tank usually should be filled about halfway with water and the rest should be pressurized air (air charge). This air charge is what allows the house to maintain a consistent water pressure and allows the well pump to cycle less often, increasing the life of the well pump.


After 5+ years, it is possible for the air charge to go away, causing the pressure tank to fill up with water. As a part of our water well inspection, we also include checking the pressure tank. We check to make sure that the tank has the appropriate air charge and is not water logged. We also will check to ensure that your check valve (between the pressure tank and the well) is working properly and ensure that everything looks in working order.



*Rushed samples must be requested before 11:00 am or an additional 18 hours may be added to the turnaround time. 36 hours is only available for the coliform bacteria sample, all other samples will take longer.

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