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Customer Payment

What is Payclix?

PayClix is the Credit Card Merchant Service NUS has contracted to process online electronic payments on our behalf. Accepted are Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard & Discover), Debit Card (Visa & MasterCard) and eCheck payments. PayClix is PCI certified and screened regularly for security. PayClix also smoothly integrates with our pre-existing internal billing systems.

How to make a one time payment

If you are registered, then you may click on the Orange Button above that says “Pay Now”.  You will then be asked to log in to your online account with PayClix where you can pay any outstanding bill OR review past payments OR view/edit your customer information. Each time a new bill is posted you will receive an email with a link to that bill. The bill can be paid anytime between the date you get the email, and the Due Date on the Bill.

How to Register

Click on the button above that says “Register”.  Select the Community Water System you belong to then follow the online instructions. Have your most recent paper invoice ready so that you will be able to answer the questions you will be asked. When finished, you will be sent an email to verify that it was actually you setting up this account. You only need to do this process once.

How to set up autopay with Payclix

Called JITAPS (Just In Time Automatic Payment Submission), this automatic billing feature can be set up and managed by you. To set this up once logged in, click the link “click here for more information or to enroll.” After it is set up an email is automatically sent two days before a bill is due, with the actual payment being made the following day, one day before it is due.

Why Register?

There is no extra service charge to pay online, and it is far more convenient and timely than “The Old Way”. Online Payments can be made 24/7 and are credited to your account instantly. Registration sets up an online account for you at which allows you to make payment on your bill, see payment history, correct customer information and more. Registration links your online account with your existing account on our internal billing system so that you can view or pay your bills at any time after they are generated.  Your Credit Card Statement will list the charge as made by Northern Utility Services, LLC because NUS is processing payments on behalf of your community water system. Payments will be properly credited to your account as well as paid to the Community Water System that supplies your water.

What if I don’t have a computer or email address?

It is far better if you manage online payment using your own computer and email. We suggest email addresses which are free, secure, and can be used from any computer. However, if you really cannot have access to any internet device, then the staff at NUS can set up JITAPS on your behalf using a special email address unique to us. We can arrange to let you take over whenever you are ready and do have your own email address.