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Low Impact Excavation

Repair water lines & valves with minimal damage to driveways or gardens

Minimum Impact
Low Impact Water Shutoff Repair

Northern Utility Services is proud to provide low impact excavation options for any repair. With our compact directional drilling system and shoring systems, NUS has the tools and experience to complete repairs with minimal impact, often only disturbing a 4ft x 5ft. NUS can also deploy heavy duty mats to minimize damage to surrounding landscaping.

Low impact methods do take more time and therefore will end up costing more than simply open trenching a new water line. However, if permanent structures such as mature trees, driveways, sidewalks and decks must be disrupted trenchless line replacement is the hands down winner.

Trenchless Technology

Northern Utility Services has invested in trenchless utility replacement, bringing small scale directional drilling to Alaska. By using a miniaturized directional drilling unit that can be easily set up in the bottom of a trench box, the drilling can be started at the desired depth within an excavated area of as little as 24 square feet.

Possible Complications

Complications such as high ground water and large boulders or cobbles can limit the ability to complete excavations with minimal impact. As soon as such conditions are encountered, a consultation will be requested to determine the best method to complete the repair.

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