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Owning and Operating a Community Water System can be a major headache requiring constant monitoring; Having Water Quality & Treatment issues; Leaks; Repairs; Regulatory Reporting, Billing, Rate Cases, savings for future replacements, upgrade costs and more. This is enough to have most small system and individual owner operators tearing their hair out.


NUS has the tools, economies of scale and experience to make it cost effective and easy. So if you own or operate a Community Water System for more than one household or a business, then you really should call to find out just how conveniently and cost effectively the Northern Utility Services (NUS) family can serve your needs.


If you are an individual homeowner connected to ANY Water System, you’ll want call NUS when repairs are needed that could tear up your yard. Our family knows how traumatic that can be, and thus have developed unique and proprietary ways to dig and repair inexpensively while doing minimal damage with maximum restoration. More often than not, people can hardly see when finished that NUS has even been there. But the problem is gone.


Northern Utility Services, LLC is a family-owned small business serving the needs of homeowners and community water systems primarily in South Central Alaska.


The Northern Utility Services mission is to provide reliable, safe and economical water to all our customers, and to maintain an excellent compliance record with all regulatory agencies.


NUS currently operates many small water utilities on behalf of their owners, ranging from one water consumer to several hundred, providing services from basic Certified Operator service to complete Billing and Utility Management.


In addition to Water System Operation and Maintenance, we provide Leak Detection services, plus Water Line Repair as an Alaska Certified Contractor and Water System Engineering services.


Together, the Northern Utility Services family proudly serves Alaska’s community drinking water systems needs. Whether you buy, sell, or share water you’ll want to know NUS.

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