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COVID-19 Update

As the COVID 19 pandemic unfolds before our eyes, Northern Utility Services has been taking proactive steps to ensure long term viability of the facilities and water systems we operate.

COVID 19 Risk

All indications are that the COVID 19 virus cannot be transmitted through drinking water systems due to its short life span in aqueous environments. However, in the event of a pressure loss that could result in the contamination of your system, NUS will continue to be vigilant with disinfection procedures and issue Boil Water Notices as required to ensure each consumer is aware of any increased risk. If further information regarding COVID 19 and drinking water systems becomes available, we will be sure to communicate that information immediately. 

Social Distancing 

As of 3/11, NUS began instituting social distancing measures designed to keep our key employees safe and limit any exposure to our clients.  Our technology investments made over the last few years have made this transition nearly seamless.  Our redundancy and cross training of staff has paid off by allowing us to maintain continuity of service with multiple staff members. Our operators continue to perform routine tasks and inspections of your facilities, with the added protection of face masks and gloves when entering customer occupied facilities. 

Emergency Plan

As the pandemic began to unfold last week, NUS placed orders for 2 months supply of critical treatment chemicals. In combination with our existing one and a half month supply, we believe we are well set to weather the worst of this event. However, we will continue to place prudent orders to maintain our supplies. Other critical spare parts are already in stock, but we are currently assessing those stores to ensure adequate replacement parts are on hand.  

While our staff is already cross trained in most areas, we have reinforced our cross training to ensure full coverage of all operations in the event that any of our operators are unable to perform their duties. 

Thank you for your trust, 

David Kranich,
Northern Utility Services

 Let Us Serve You

Northern Utility Services is a Family Owned small business serving the diverse needs of Community Water Systems in the State of Alaska. We have made it our mission to provide each community we serve the same level of service and expertise enjoyed by municipal water customers. Whether it is Operation and Maintenance, Management and Finance, Engineering or Systems Repair, Northern Utility Services is dedicated to ensuring each community receives practical, cost effective and comprehensive service.

Our Vision

Northern Utility Services exists to provide exceptional management and support services to the Community Water Systems in our care. We achieve that goal by focusing on the interests of our clients, cultivating a positive work culture, and maintaining a reputation of excellence at all levels of our enterprise.

Our Values


Above all else, we value our clients. Our clients come first, and we will always do our best to meet their needs in a caring and competent fashion.

Technical Excellence

We are committed to maintaining superior technical competency, and strive to employ the most advanced techniques and tools in the service of our clients.


We strive to be honest, ethical, fair and compassionate to both clients and employees. We tell the truth and expect to hear the truth from others. We deliver on our commitments and on the expectations of clients and coworkers.


We will always work to improve quality, save time, reduce costs, and improve service for our
clients and our organization.


We work together to achieve our common goals. We believe in the dignity of the individual and understand that mutual respect, communication, openness, and flexibility are vital to success.

Our Employees

The strength and vitality of our company lies in our people. We are dedicated to providing all employees with the environment, tools, training, and recognition to achieve excellence and satisfaction in their work.

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