Northern Utility Services

Welcome to the New NUS Website

After several years of concept and design, and several months of hard work, Northern Utility Services has a brand new website. This website is the framework of an entire customer oriented vision which we have been pursuing. We want to put all the information we can into the hands of our customers. At the same time we want that information to be easy to find and easy to sort through. A website is never truly finished, as it always is changing and morphing to fit the needs of ourselves and our customers. This website will be no different, and we intend to keep adding to and refining the information held here.  

On this website we will be showcasing the services we provide, as well as providing a place for community water systems to reach their customers through a custom web page. We will also be posting blog posts to update customers about what is happening, show customers how to solve some common water related problems, and showcase some of our equipment and operations. 

I have enjoyed taking this website from vision to browser and hope that you find it useful and informative. 

Daniel Kranich

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