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Leak Detection

Is your service line leaking? We can help!

Water Line Leak

Water leaks can wear out your well pump and cause flooding issues!

Through the advanced technology of leak correlation, Northern Utility Services is able to pinpoint leaks in underground water lines within 5 feet of accuracy in most cases.


If the water line between your house and your water source is leaking, we can ensure that you dig in the right place and don’t waste thousands of dollars and ruin your entire yard trying to find the leak. With our service you can have confidence that you will be able to dig in the right place the first time.


How does leak detection work?

As part of our service, we provide an Initial consultation to learn system layout, leak symptoms and other information that may provide clues to narrow the search. Next, we utilize a leak noise correlator to pinpoint leak locations. Leak Noise Correlation is a method for finding and pinpointing leaks in pressurized water pipes.


A leak in a pipe under pressure creates noise that travels along the pipe, its contents, and through the surrounding ground. When two highly sensitive microphones are attached to a pipe with a leak, the sound from the leak takes longer to travel to the microphone furthest from the leak.


By utilizing sophisticated software analysis tools and known sound travel speeds in different pipe sizes and materials, leaks can often be located within feet or even inches.


Leak Correlation

Detail of How Correlation Finds Water Leaks

Possible Complications:

Although leak noise location is a finite science, many variables can cause inconsistent or inaccurate results. By eliminating these variables, leak detection efforts are more likely to provide accurate results. These variables are:


1. Pipe types, locations and depths. If location, or pipe routing is unknown, Northern Utility Services is equipped to locate underground piping. However some pipe materials can be difficult or impossible to locate using standard methods, and as a result, only a general leak location may be possible


2. Ambient Noise. Although our equipment employs sophisticated noise filters, ambient noise can affect results of leak noise correlations. To eliminate excessive noise, our leak noise loggers are capable of delaying the noise recording until the most quiet time of day or night.